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UK Firms Lead Industry Growth

By Aarti Shah


UK-based firms dominated the fast movers with four firms ranking among the top 10 fastest growing around the globe.

For the second consecutive year, Newgate takes top spot as the fastest-growing PR firm, this year expanding by almost 150% to reach more than $13m in fee income. The consultancy is joined by other UK-based firms We Are Social (4th), Threepipe Communications (7th, after a merger with digital agency Blowfish Digital) and Hanover (10th).

Four US firms also make the top 10. PadillaCRT and Racepoint Global owe much of their growth to mergers, but Zeno Group and Highwire achieved their numbers organically. Sweden's Narva and Australia's PPR round out the top 10 fastest-growing PR firms in the world.

On a regional basis, China’s largest independent PR firm BlueFocus (BlueDigital) ranks second in Asia-Pacific, following a downward revision of its numbers since the tables were first published.  Due to the differences in how some agencies classify revenue versus fee income, BlueFocus' fee income was incorrectly listed as $271m in the first iteration of the global ranking. This has since been corrected to $123.6m, which sees the China agency's ranking revised downward to 16th in the Top 250 table. The corrected figure covers fee income from the firm's BlueDigital operation, which includes public relations and digital marketing services, and the income from other subsidiaries of BlueFocus Communication Group is excluded. The new figure represents growth of more than 40%, compared to 2012.

Taking into account its reporting structure, it is unsurprising that even when breaking the rankings down by region, BlueFocus remains unparalleled as the largest agency of the group at $124 million. Its closest fast moving rivals across all regions were firms with less than $50 million in fees, among them: UK-based Lewis PR at $45 million, US-based Finn Partners at $44 million and US-based Zeno Group at $39.2 million.

Overall, firms in Asia-Pac enjoyed double-digit growth that averaged 13.7% across all reporting firms in the region. Among the more mature markets, only the UK-based firms experienced overall double-digit growth at 10.3%. The US-based firms grew at 6.5%, while EMEA-based agencies trailed with 4.4% growth in fee income.


Newgate Communications UK 148.5 13,573,958
PadillaCRT USA 91.6 32,333,400
We Are Social UK 70.0 38,677,478
Narva Sweden 61.2 5,320,000
Zeno Group USA 60.6 39,200,000
Threepipe Communications Limited UK 59.0 4,980,000
PPR Australia 47.4 30,200,000
Highwire US 47.1 6,022,255
Hanover UK 45.5 12,450,000
Racepoint Global US 44.4 34,000,000


AGENCY GROWTH (%)sort icon FEE INCOME 2013
Newgate Communications 148.5 13,573,958
We Are Social 70.0 38,677,478
Threepipe Communications Limited 59.0 4,980,000
Hanover 45.5 12,450,000
Iris Worldwide 41.6 15,035,488
PLMR 38.7 3,627,799
Mischief 37.6 8,798,000
Way To Blue 34.1 8,025,459
W Communications 33.6 3,867,800
Lewis PR 28.0 45,848,320


AGENCY GROWTH (%)sort icon FEE INCOME 2013
PadillaCRT 91.6 32,333,400
Zeno Group 60.6 39,200,000
Highwire 47.1 6,022,255
Racepoint Global 44.4 34,000,000
Bateman Group 42.4 4,400,000
Finn Partners 37.5 44,400,000
Fahlgren Mortine 35.8 16,842,065
FoodMinds 32.4 6,432,640
Max Borges Agency 31.7 9,100,000
Shift Communications Inc. 30.7 18,600,000


AGENCY GROWTH (%)sort icon FEE INCOME 2013
PPR 47.4 30,200,000
BlueFocus (BlueDigital) 40.5 123,361,000
PRAIN GLOBAL INC. 24.2 19,892,451
VECTOR Inc. 24.0 62,000,000
TRACCS 22.6 13,323,000
DABO & CO 20.7 3,701,459
Creative Crest 12.2 4,712,400
Adfactors PR 11.9 17,240,000
Integral PR Services Pvt Limited 9.8 5,050,000
PR One 7.9 15,911,644


AGENCY GROWTH (%)sort icon FEE INCOME 2013
Narva 61.2 5,320,000
Publicum Group 41.4 3,060,000
CAP & CIME PR SAS 29.2 3,066,804
Pro-Vision Communications 26.4 8,591,874
iMARS Group 23.5 18,100,000
Mikhailov & Partners 23.5 23,309,000
Whyte Corporate Affairs 18.5 4,084,000
Media Consulta International 16.5 16,686,180
A&B One 16.3 19,471,200
Agence Elan 15.8 9,310,000
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